What you should expect from me.


Everything I do as a lawyer and in my personal life is based on these values. You have my guarantee all of these will be visible through my actions. 

  1. INTEGRITY- Always do the right thing, even when no one is watching and no one will know whether you did the right thing or not. 
  2. OWNERSHIP- Always take responsibility and when we make a mistake, figure out what went wrong and how to improve next time. 
  3. LEAD FROM THE FRONT- Never ask someone to do something you aren't willing to do. Empathize with those who are in need of help.
  4. LIFETIME STUDENT- If you think you know everything, you can't learn anything. And if you can't even learn anything, you can't improve. And if you can't improve, you're doomed to stagnation and, eventually, extinction. For this reason, I am relentless in pursuing more knowledge and experience. 

Every case evaluation and consultation is free.

When you're injured by someone else, you always should consult with a lawyer. My consultations and case evaluations are always free and you lose nothing by contacting me. The worst mistake you can make is choosing the wrong lawyer or trying to deal with the insurance company on your own.

Co-Counsel Litigation and Jury Trials

As a trial lawyer, I co-counsel cases that need to be litigated and pushed to trial in order to obtain the best result possible. Insurance companies often wont settle a case for the maximum amount unless they're forced to risk losing at trial.