Slip or Trip and Fall

Unlike car accidents, Slip or Trip and Falls are some of the hardest cases to get a fair settlement from the insurance company. This is why you must have an experienced trial lawyer for these kinds of cases that is able to push the case to trial.

Insurance companies almost never pay full value in these cases until the attorney has done a tremendous amount of work proving the business where the fall happened was at fault for causing the circumstances that led to your fall. The insurance company often will not settle for full value until the case has been pushed almost all the way to trial. 

As a trial lawyer, these are some of my favorite cases. As often, the further you investigate, the more often you find the company utterly disregarded customer safety, which ultimately caused you to fall and injure yourself. Some of my colleagues that are also personal injury attorneys refer me these cases as they are only able to handle car accidents and understand that you must be an actual trial lawyer to get full value in a slip or trip and fall.

Every case evaluation and consultation is free.

When you're injured by someone else, you always should consult with a lawyer. My consultations and case evaluations are always free and you lose nothing by contacting me. The worst mistake you can make is choosing the wrong lawyer or trying to deal with the insurance company on your own.

Co-Counsel Litigation and Jury Trials

As a trial lawyer, I co-counsel cases that need to be litigated and pushed to trial in order to obtain the best result possible. Insurance companies often wont settle a case for the maximum amount unless they're forced to risk losing at trial.