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Car Accidents Attorney in Miami, Florida

With distracted driving and phone use at an all-time high, car accidents are rarely "accidents." You can ruin your health and injury case if you do not take the proper steps following an accident.

After a Car Wreck

If you're feeling pain after an accident, you must:

  • Seek medical attention. Go directly to the hospital or follow up with a qualified medical professional within the first 48 hours after the car crash.

  • Contact a local injury lawyer, preferably someone in Miami or Broward County.

  • Do not post or mention anything about the accident on social media until you speak with a lawyer.

  • Other than to report the accident, do not speak with the insurance company about the facts or details of the accident until you speak with a lawyer. This is true for both insurance companies, the at-fault driver and your company as well. (Insurance companies are rarely your friends)

The 48-72 hours after the car wreck are typically when people make the most mistakes. Things like delaying medical attention or making a statement with the insurance company before speaking with a lawyer can completely destroy your case right as it begins. Also, there is often evidence that will help prove the other driver is at fault which only has a very small window your lawyer can preserve it before that crucial evidence is lost forever.

If you were recently in a car wreck, call me now so we can discuss your options.