Practice Areas

Many lawyers are generalists, dabbling in multiple areas of law such as family law, real estate criminal defense, and injury cases. This is a problem when you've been injured because often you need a lawyer that specializes in injury cases to ensure you get the best result possible.

Generally, the more specific your injury case is, the more specialized your lawyer will need to be. For example, many lawyers advertise for car accidents and the truth is, it does not take much skill to resolve a rear-end collision car accident case. Unfortunately, many of these same lawyers also advertise for slip and fall cases, which are much more difficult and take a much higher skilled lawyer to get full value on your case. 

This continues to be true the more specialized your case becomes. If you suffered a traumatic brain injury and are facing permanent brain-damage, you MUST have a lawyer that has experience handling brain damage cases. If you were injured at a hospital from a doctor or nurse's mistake, you MUST have a lawyer that handles medical malpractice. If you were injured by a company's defective product, you MUST have a lawyer that has experience handling product liability cases. 

One of the most common mistakes people make when hiring an injury lawyer is they hire the first lawyer they speak with assuming that lawyer is just as good as the next one. This is often how clients get stuck with bad lawyers feeling forced to accept low ball settlements from the insurance company. 

Every case evaluation and consultation is free.

When you're injured by someone else, you always should consult with a lawyer. My consultations and case evaluations are always free and you lose nothing by contacting me. The worst mistake you can make is choosing the wrong lawyer or trying to deal with the insurance company on your own.

Co-Counsel Litigation and Jury Trials

As a trial lawyer, I co-counsel cases that need to be litigated and pushed to trial in order to obtain the best result possible. Insurance companies often wont settle a case for the maximum amount unless they're forced to risk losing at trial.