Domestic Violence

I represent both victims and wrongfully accused defendants in domestic violence matters on a limited basis. As a public defender in Miami, I had an outstanding record at trial representing wrongfully accused defendants. Often, I was successful at getting the case outright dismissed before the trial. 

I still will accept the occasional domestic violence defense case, but my practice has transitioned to also helping victims. This includes holding a building owner/landlord responsible for allowing domestic violence to happen to the victim, or representing victims in domestic matters such as harassment or an abusive relationship. 

Every case evaluation and consultation is free.

When you're injured by someone else, you always should consult with a lawyer. My consultations and case evaluations are always free and you lose nothing by contacting me. The worst mistake you can make is choosing the wrong lawyer or trying to deal with the insurance company on your own.

Co-Counsel Litigation and Jury Trials

As a trial lawyer, I co-counsel cases that need to be litigated and pushed to trial in order to obtain the best result possible. Insurance companies often wont settle a case for the maximum amount unless they're forced to risk losing at trial.