Death of a Loved One (Wrongful Death)


Having your loved one wrongfully and unexpectedly killed because of a person's or company's recklessness is by far one of the worst experiences you'll ever endure. Often you don't even get to say goodbye to your loved one before they are taken from you.

In a wrongful death lawsuit against the one responsible for taking your loved one, there are never any "winners." Even with a large financial settlement or jury verdict, no amount of money will ever compensate for your loss and pain caused by having your family member taken before their time.  

More than any other type of lawsuit, wrongful death lawsuits are about holding the wrongdoer accountable and ensuring it never happens again to someone else. Unfortunately, Florida restricts the categories of family members that can claim damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. It's a bad law that needs to be updated, but many family members discover this the hard way. 

To make matters worse, the way Florida's Wrongful Death Act (Fla. Stat. 786.16-768.26) statute is somewhat confusing when as to which family members have the right to claim damages. I've prepared this chart to provide the information clearly. 

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